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Why You Should Never Send Anyone Compromising Photos

Why You Should Never Send Anyone Compromising Photos

You probably already know that you should never send anyone compromising photos of you, even if you have been dating for a while. But you also probably think that even if you did nothing bad would happen. That’s what I thought when I sent my boyfriend of four years a quick topless photo one night when he was on a business trip. I didn’t think anything of it and I even forgot that I sent it. Until about six months later when we broke up.

I ended the relationship and he took it badly. But, I thought after the dust settled that things would get back to normal. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. About a month after we finally ended things for good and he moved out I got a message from a friend on Facebook telling me to look at a website. They sent a link. And there, to my horror, was my topless photo with my name and my employer’s information. And my friend let me know that the link had been messaged by my ex to every single person on my Facebook friends list, including my boss and my co-workers.

I was mortified. And also terrified. I didn’t know what happen. I was afraid of losing my job and I was also afraid of being ostracized by co-workers. I was worried that clients or business associates would see those photos. I wanted to look on Twitter and Instagram to see if he was sending the link on those platforms but I didn’t have the courage to look. One of my friends looked for me and told me that the link had been tweeted to all of my ex’s ten thousand followers.

I called the police but they told me that there was nothing they could do. I was advised to print out the photo and the information from the website and start documenting any messages or contact I had with him in order to try and build a case against him. But there was no way to prove that he had uploaded the photo and because everything he was doing was online there was no way to stop him.

I started suffering from anxiety attacks all the time. I didn’t lose my job but I was definitely treated differently. My co-workers gossiped about me and I was passed over for a promotion that I had earned a few months after all this happened. Of course, I couldn’t prove that the photo had an impact on not getting the promotion but there’s a good chance it did. Eventually, I changed jobs but after just a few weeks my new employers received an email from an anonymous account with a link to the same site.

I never thought that one quick selfie would end up ruining my chances for promotion and following me from job to job. I trusted my boyfriend and I felt certain he would never do such a terrible thing. But it happened to me, and it can happen to you too. Think twice before sending any photos that could be used against you in the future.

What To Do With Your Old Electronics After The Holidays

What To Do With Your Old Electronics After The Holidays

Electronics are always some of the most popular holiday gifts but people are often not sure what to do with their old electronics after they get new ones. Electronics can’t be tossed in the trash because they contain elements that can be hazardous if they get into the soil in a landfill. So if you are planning on buying your family members electronics for Christmas, or if you end up getting surprised with new electronics like a new computer, new phone, new tablet, or new TV or video game systems here are a few of the ways that you and your family can get rid of the old and outdated electronics that you have:

Sell Them

To get rid of your old electronics and pick up some extra cash is to sell your old electronics. If you planning on selling a phone, tablet, or computer. Make sure that your information is totally wiped from the device before you try to sell it.

You can sell it privately through Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or another online local sales site. But be aware that you might not get any interest in your items right after the holidays. There will be many other people selling their items at that time. You might have better luck taking your electronics to a gaming store or a hobby store. Like Game Stop or any store that sells used electronics. They will give you less than retail price for the items but you won’t have to worry about arranging a private sale. And if you sell the items for store credit instead of cash you can get more because they will often give you about 25% more store credit than cash for your items.

Donate Them

If your items still work and they aren’t very old models you could donate them to a church group. A school, a senior center, or another organization that helps connect people with electronics. Many schools need tablets and computers. Once your items have been donated to a charitable group. They might also be auctioned off to raise money for the organization. Last year I got a new iPad Pro so I donated my old iPad Pro. Which was only a year old, to a local animal shelter. They held a raffle with the iPad Pro as the grand prize. They were able to raise almost $4000 in raffle ticket sales. Your old electronics can bring in big money for groups that are always in need of funds.

Recycle Them

If your electronics aren’t in good shape or if they are old and not really worth giving away. Selling you should recycle them. There should be a city facility where you live where you can drop off old electronics. You can bring them to many electronics stores. Drop them off to be recycled in the store’s recycling program. When you recycle those old electronics properly it helps protect the environment so it’s worth taking the time. To make sure they are handled and recycled properly.

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