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Month: February 2018

Why I Switched Back To My Old iPhone

Why I Switched Back To My Old iPhone

Like everyone else I was very excited when the Apple iPhone X came out. It had so many cool features and such cutting-edge technology I couldn’t wait to try it. For about a month it was thrilling, but then I started to find it annoying. I was constantly terrified that I would drop it and the screen would shatter despite the protective case. It had glitches galore. I found myself thinking longingly of my old iPhone 6S that was sitting in the drawer. After about two months of using the iPhone X, I broke out my old 6S and put my SIM card back in that phone. Luckily I already knew how to back up my phone and didn’t have any issues. Now the iPhone X is sitting in a drawer.

Here’s why I went back to my old iPhone:

Not Having A Home Button Was Terrible

When the iPhone X came out one of the features that everyone was crazy about was that the X doesn’t have a home button. At first, I liked that too, but then I realized it was annoying and time-consuming to try and close apps, switch screens, or really do anything without a home button. Trying to back up my phone was also difficult when the home button wasn’t there. I found myself constantly pressing the bottom of the phone where the home button should have been. Maybe I’m just not ready to embrace the cutting edge, I don’t know. But I really missed the home button.

Facial Recognition Is A Nightmare

Facial recognition instead of Touch ID is another of the features that people were really excited about when the iPhone X debuted. After a couple days of using my face to unlock the phone and do many other tasks, I was over it. I miss Touch ID or just using my passcode to unlock the phone. When I tried to pay for items in the store using facial recognition, I was constantly holding up the line and looking like a total hipster. Not something I enjoyed.

It’s Just Too Much

I could talk about the other features that the iPhone X has that just didn’t work for me but ultimately the X is just too much phone for me. Even half of the things it can do are too much. Honestly, I really just wanted to streamline my phone use. I need a phone to call people, text, and check my email and social media. I don’t need a super powerful computer replacement or a super high tech camera that can take amazing videos or still photos. As long as my phone can take halfway decent selfies, that’s all I need.

Trying to back up my phone takes more time now on the iPhoneX.
The iPhone X is just too much for what I need.

So I went back to my iPhone 6s, and I’m totally happy with the switch. I’m sure the iPhone X is exactly right for someone younger, more creative, or more hip than myself, and I’m sure it’s a fantastic phone for someone who wants to do more with their phone. But the iPhone 6s does everything I need, including making the time to back up my phone a breeze, and it’s comfortable and familiar.

On a side note, does anyone want my new iPhone X? It’s only collecting dust. Contact me for pricing. I’m kidding……..but seriously, anyone interested?