Signs Your Online Date Might Be Married

Signs Your Online Date Might Be Married

30 million people use online dating sites every month, and as many as 40% of them could already be married. I met and dated a guy for four months without knowing he was married the entire time. And when I confronted him he admitted cheating but said he had no plans to leave his wife. I want to save you from that heartache and having to do a reverse phone search. Here are a few of the signs:

Group Photos

If they won’t post any clear or identifiable photos of themselves as their profile pic or in their public photos. They might be married and they might be trying to remain incognito. The person I dated had only a group photo as a profile pic and kept all their other photos private. While using my old phone, I could barely find photos of them. I didn’t see a clear photo of his face until we had exchanged phone numbers.

It’s difficult when someone hurts you.

They Won’t Give You Personal Information

Of course, you should always be wary of giving your personal information to strangers at first. That’s just common sense. But if the person you are talking with is married even after you have given up some of your personal information to establish mutual trust they won’t give you their personal information. They may not want to give you their phone number, insisting that they will call or text you when they are free. Or they may give you a VOIP phone line that goes straight to voicemail and tell you to leave a message and they will call you back. Make sure you run a background check first!

They Talk And Text At Strange Hours

If you have moved to the talking on the phone and texting part of online dating and the person you’re dating is married or in a relationship, you might notice that they are very reluctant to talk on the phone or text with you and this is an obvious sign. They might ask you to message them on social media or email them instead of talk or text. If they do want to talk on the phone it could be at odd hours like during lunchtime when they’re at work, very early in the morning or very late at night. They also may only text you during brief periods of the day.

Should Parents Worry About The Amazon Echo Dot?

Should Parents Worry About The Amazon Echo Dot?

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot sounds like it’s going to be a great addition to the Echo lineup, but some parents and law makers are worried about it. They are concerned with protecting the privacy of the kids who use it. That’s because this Echo model is different from other models. It records conversations and interactions while encouraging kids to give their personal information. Information that you would normally get from a cell phone spy app


amazon echo
Amazon Echo Dot

Privacy experts are concerned that it is training kids to be compliant to technology, and teaching them to give up their privacy. But how much of their concerns are justified? While this level of technology is considered amazing, you might wonder how it will effect children. Theres other tech items coming out like the red hydrogen one holographic phone

Privacy Concerns

As a parent I don’t have any privacy concerns about the Amazon Echo. I ordered one for each of my kids and I’m excited to get them. I think it will be useful for them to have one device that they can use to read, learn, and play with. And I like the fact that it’s interactive but isn’t a tablet so they don’t need to spend hours in front of a screen. It will help them learn to be more independent and amuse themselves.

Ordering Items Online 

What I like best about the Amazon Echo Dot is that there are only certain features available for use. So my kids aren’t going to mistakenly order a ton of toilet paper or buy themselves 20 books by telling Alexa to order them. And I won’t have to worry about kids listening to music or hearing books that are too mature for them. This Echo has some great safety features and more kid friendly responses than the regular one. 

Recording Your Kids?

I don’t really like that the Echo makes recordings of my kids. But parents can go into the account and completely delete all recordings and all personal information. So when it comes to the Echo Dot, parents just need to take an active role in protecting the privacy of their kids and I don’t have a problem with that. Responsible parents should be monitoring these devices anyway. 

If your an actively involved parent, the new child friendly version of the Echo is a great tool. And it can be used an intercom which is fantastic. I’m so sick of screaming up to the second floor to get everyone to come downstairs for meals or family time. Being able to just tell them to come down through the Echo will be great. If you enjoyed this check out my last post about switching back to an older iPhone

Why I Switched Back To My Old iPhone

Why I Switched Back To My Old iPhone

Like everyone else I was very excited when the Apple iPhone X came out. It had so many cool features and such cutting-edge technology I couldn’t wait to try it. For about a month it was thrilling, but then I started to find it annoying. I was constantly terrified that I would drop it and the screen would shatter despite the protective case. It had glitches galore. I found myself thinking longingly of my old iPhone 6S that was sitting in the drawer. After about two months of using the iPhone X, I broke out my old 6S and put my SIM card back in that phone. Luckily I already knew how to back up my phone and didn’t have any issues. Now the iPhone X is sitting in a drawer.

Here’s why I went back to my old iPhone:

Not Having A Home Button Was Terrible

When the iPhone X came out one of the features that everyone was crazy about was that the X doesn’t have a home button. At first, I liked that too, but then I realized it was annoying and time-consuming to try and close apps, switch screens, or really do anything without a home button. Trying to back up my phone was also difficult when the home button wasn’t there. I found myself constantly pressing the bottom of the phone where the home button should have been. Maybe I’m just not ready to embrace the cutting edge, I don’t know. But I really missed the home button.

Facial Recognition Is A Nightmare

Facial recognition instead of Touch ID is another of the features that people were really excited about when the iPhone X debuted. After a couple days of using my face to unlock the phone and do many other tasks, I was over it. I miss Touch ID or just using my passcode to unlock the phone. When I tried to pay for items in the store using facial recognition, I was constantly holding up the line and looking like a total hipster. Not something I enjoyed.

It’s Just Too Much

I could talk about the other features that the iPhone X has that just didn’t work for me but ultimately the X is just too much phone for me. Even half of the things it can do are too much. Honestly, I really just wanted to streamline my phone use. I need a phone to call people, text, and check my email and social media. I don’t need a super powerful computer replacement or a super high tech camera that can take amazing videos or still photos. As long as my phone can take halfway decent selfies, that’s all I need.

Trying to back up my phone takes more time now on the iPhoneX.
The iPhone X is just too much for what I need.

So I went back to my iPhone 6s, and I’m totally happy with the switch. I’m sure the iPhone X is exactly right for someone younger, more creative, or more hip than myself, and I’m sure it’s a fantastic phone for someone who wants to do more with their phone. But the iPhone 6s does everything I need, including making the time to back up my phone a breeze, and it’s comfortable and familiar.

On a side note, does anyone want my new iPhone X? It’s only collecting dust. Contact me for pricing. I’m kidding……..but seriously, anyone interested?